Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vata-That's me...

I started getting interested in Ayurveda because I keep running across references to it in Yoga Journal, Elephant Journal, and many passing comments I hear about it as I go about my routine.

I asked my yogabuddy for some reading material about it and she loaned me Deepak Chopra's book, "Perfect Health: A Complete Guide to Ayurvedic Living." I loved this book! I found myself in it! I took quizzes, read about likes and dislikes, found out I'm not lazy...just tire easily with strenuous activity. I felt liberated and empowered.

Usually about this time of year, as it starts to get dark earlier and stay dark later in the morning, I start to spiral down emotionally and struggle more with depression and sleep issues. But I've discovered some self-care thing in this book and other materials that I really believe are helping me to stay healthy and happy.

I've been doing self massage with almond oil, paying attention to my feet and massaging them twice each day. I am eating warming foods and making sure I don't get overly cold. I rest when I want to and I find I do more when I'm not. My energy level is up and so is my emotional level. I feel much more balanced.

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