Thursday, January 6, 2011

dhyana-the group

It wasn't a group tonight. Just me. I lit the Advent wreath and altar candles, and plugged in the sanctuary Christmas tree that was still up. I did the Smiling Buddha kriya for the first 11 minutes (Sa-Ta-Na-Ma) and then just sat and listened to the silence in my body. You know, bodies aren't really that quiet. You can hear the heart beating, the occasional gurgle and, in my case, the ears ringing.

It was sweet. And went by very fast.

Last week I told the others that I would no longer do a guided meditation. I will just unlock the church at 7 and sit. They can come anytime between 7 and 7:25 and let themselves in. I'll lock the door when I leave and they can let themselves out.

I'm going to like this even more without having the prepare a meditation.

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