Monday, March 7, 2011

yoga nidra & autogenic training

So as I've been doing yoga nidra twice a day for the past several days, I've tried out many different recordings. One of them has been an album by Dr. Louise Montello called "Relax into Wellness." She has a track on there called "Progressive Relaxation," which I didn't care for at all. It involves a lot of scrunching up of your muscles and then letting it all go. Just didn't do much for me.

But she has a track called "Autogenic Training" that I've tried twice now. I don't remember my first impressions, but last night I listened again while in bed and I found that I had a wonderfully sound tossing and turning like bacon in a pan, which I've been doing for about a week. I don't remember any dreams, either. I've been having some wild ones since I started YN.

Here is a Wikipedia article on Autogenic Training. I may try some other recordings, too.

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