Thursday, March 3, 2011

yoga nidra

So I've been adding yoga nidra into my life more and more and I'm really liking it. It gives me a lot more energy and emotional balance.

In the morning I've been doing shorter ones...around 20-25 minutes. This gives me time to do some asana first. And doing it in the morning is great for my brain because I don't fall asleep. One morning, however, I picked one that was 17 minutes when I actually had about 30 minutes of time. I felt ripped off when it was over and I still had 10 minutes to relax before taking the dog for his morning constitutional. My friend Sara Duke of Do Restorative Yoga mentioned that those short ones might really come in handy at one point.

And she was right. I slipped in the 17 minute one today before leaving for my Jazzercise class after work.

But I like the really long ones for days when I come from from work and don't have someplace to be that Mondays and Fridays. I usually nap, which leaves me all warm and cozy and lazy and not wanting to cook supper. But YN leaves me relaxed and awake.

I'll mention some of the recordings I'm using in another post later.

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