Sunday, September 5, 2010


Who am I to write about meditation? Who am I to think I can practice and it? And mostly...WHO AM I TO THINK I CAN HELP OTHERS DO IT?


This Thursday I'll begin our new Centering Prayer & Meditation group at church. I want to build my own practice, help others to start or build theirs, and mostly I want to grow a community of meditators that can support each other in this practice.

I've mapped out 4 weeks of meetings. Each meeting will have 10 minutes of tips, techniques, inspiration.

That's the part that kind of freaks me out. That's my part.

I've been going over and over what the first week should be about. I thought maybe just dive in with a breathing technique. But then I've thought about starting with talking about posture: how you have to be comfortable to pull it off. And I've thought about explaining how I came to meditation.

I think I'm going to start with the story of Samuel and my observations about it. I Samuel 3:1-11a.

Now I just have to jot down what those observations are. What are they?

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