Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yeah, Santosa Again

So the other day I mentioned Santosa and how I'm 50 and feel so content and pleased.

Well, why not mix it up? Why not fix something that ain't broke? It seems like the time.

It seems like the time to start weaning off the anti-depressant. It seems like I don't need it anymore. But of course, when you are taking it, and you have for a few years, and it's working, OF COURSE it seems like you don't need it anymore! Right?

Well, I started taking it when I began my menomania. As the body started reacting to the hormone fluctuations, fatigue and depression set in. I started on a nice dose and did well with it for about 18 months. Then we doubled it. I've been pretty even now for a couple of years. I weaned off the hormone replacement therapy at the beginning of the summer, and halved the dose of another meno-related rx a few months ago. Now I've established a good meditation and asana practice, so it seems like time.

So the other day I cut out a quarter of my anti-depressant. I'll do that for a month and then cut another quarter. We'll see. We'll just see how content I remain!

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