Saturday, June 19, 2010

niymas: tapas

Self-discipline. Caring for the body. Heating it and cleansing it in preparation for meeting the divine. Monitoring the posture, paying attention to breathing, watching what we eat. All contribute to the body's health.

I love this one. I struggle periodically with eating. Not a lot. Just every once in a while my body will crave something. Last night it was meat and french fries. I ended up having fish and chips at a local restaurant. I came out of there stuffed and satisfied. This morning my fingers are a little swollen from the salt, but I can tell my body is not upset with me at all for the rest of it. I must have needed it.

My yogabuddy and I went to an asana practice last night that had a drummer. The class was crazy, with lots of imaginative things thrown into the vinyasa sequences... a random arm balance, a sudden dance. It was crazy cool and we all sweated up a storm. It was a good, cleansing practice. Much like spending time in a sauna. But I think even more satisfying because we were moving and not just sitting around.

During svasana I ran a little Reiki. I've been doing that more during svasana and meditation. As a Reiki II, it's good practice for me and it helps charge and also relax my body. As the class ended, the instructor commented about the strong energy in the room. As my yogabuddy and I talked during our supper, she told me that it turned out most of us were Reiki practitioners and all of us were running Reiki during svasana. Amazing!

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